Parashar Industries - is one of the young Ukrainian companies, which began its work in the field of prosthetic products with reference to the foreign market.

Nowadays the company has a design office and production facilities which use high technology manufacturing, quality materials and focus on compliance with the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process.

Among the major components of our production are highly qualified specialists and high level of responsibility. Components and assemblies, adapters and other products of enterprise Parashar Industries most focuse on solving problems and creating favorable conditions for people with disabilities.

All products are manufactured according to the latest production standards. Before getting to the market, products are gradually tested from 1 to 3 months. This fact adds confidence in the quality and reliability.

Every year we expand our product portfolio, we want to improve the production technology and meet the needs of consumers.

Enterprise works closely with the Prosthetic center "No barriers" that helps to communicate with customers and improve production technology, because each case of amputation is unique. Each prosthesis has its own requirements. So, to realize various prostheticspossibilities, we offer a wide range of proven Western practice products and services that make it possible to choose the best solution for each individual patient and each case of prosthetics.