Ukrainian manufacturer of technical means of rehabilitation in Germany

Despite difficulties in the economy in our country, some state and local prosthetic enterprises find strength and possibilities to work and to make progress consistently. It is impossible to overemphasize the role of such enterprises. The workers of these enterprises do their best to recover lost functions for people with disabilities by making technical and other means of rehabilitation and provision of services for prosthesis and orthosis.

Ukrainian manufacturers exhibited at OTWorld 2016, the International Trade Show and World Congress, in Leipzig (Germany) between 3 and 6 May 2016. Moreover, for twenty-five years of independence, Ukraine firstly introduced production of knee joint prostheses for the lower limbs and components by “Parashar Industries LLC”. Among the numbers of visitors at the exhibition not only home prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises, but also many world leaders in this field of production pay attention to Ukrainian stand of “Parashar Industries”. Ukrainian development ensures patient comfort, ease of use and security (lock prevents accidental opening). Samples are worthy alternative to some models made by reputable foreign leaders. One of the main wishes of the patients is achieved, i.e. weight reduction of knee joints and as a result the whole product. Functional capacity of products “COLIBRI” and “STARLING” knee joints produced by “Parashar Industries” meets the 1st and 2nd-3rd degree of mobility.


1. Modular lightweight monocentric knee joint with lock.

2. For transfemoral prostheses, especially suitable for geriatric patients.

3. Lock with automatic play adjustment secures the knee in extension.


Name Flexion angle Activity level Material Weight (g) Weight limit (kg)
Colibri P 130 К 1 aluminum alloy (duralumin) 232 125




This 4-axial modular knee joint is recommended for transfemoral prosthesis.

1. Polycentric knee with geometric locking system.

2. Adjustable axle geometry.

3. Adjustable extension promoter.

4. Integrated extension spring.

5. Adjustable axle friction.

6. Ultra light materials.

7. Original, aesthetic design.


Name Flexion angle Activity level Material Weight (g) Weight limit (kg)
Starling 160 К 2-3 aluminum alloy (duralumin) 460 125

The developer, “Parashar Industries” is not going to stop and is producing new revolutionary ideas to improve the full quality life of people with disabilities and not allow these people to accommodate to life with limited opportunities. We wish our potential patients could afford life without limits.