Conference press release on introduction of modular knee joints for lower limp prostheses, which are developed and manufactured by group of companies “Parashar Industries LLC”, “NMPO LLC”, “No Barriers LLC”.


We would like to inform that on the basis of "No Barriers" on June 7, 2016, the event was held in the form of a special press conference about innovations of components for prosthetic limbs in the market. To participate in the press conference expressed a desire such mass media: “24 Channel”, “UATV”; “TV Channel Ukraine”; “TV Broadcast: Morning with Ukraine”; “Ukrinform”; “Ukrainian news”; “Day Newspaper”; “Working Newspaper”; “Voice of Ukraine” Newspaper”. “Parashar Industries” company staff presented to journalists, representatives of prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises and public organizations samples of fundamentally new knee joints for lower limb prostheses made on its own manufacture. Manufacturing of new knee joints named “COLIBRI”, “STARLING” and “FALCON” is planned to begin in the shortest period of time after making all necessary formalities for setting products identity and their production plan.

Prosthetic-orthopedic economic field needs help from the government and should attract investments not only financial but also in the view of new technologies to improve manufacture process. Still we have such investors, one of them is founder and general director of group of companies “NMPO LLC”, ”No Barriers LLC”, “Parashar Industries LLC”, Indian citizen, - Mr. Nagender Parashar.

Named above companies have been working on the Ukrainian prosthetic and orthopedic services market since 2006, 2013, 2015 accordingly. Since entering the market, the companies took its rightful place among manufacturers of technical and other means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities and other privileged people. After analyzing market needs, Mr. Nagender Parashar, introduced the production of components for lower and upper prosthetic limbs, as well as orthotic products and created work places in Ukraine, including work places for the disabled people and members of Anri-terroristic operations and reduced dependence on import products. In addition, Mr. Nagender Parashar established direct contacts with leading European and international companies to supply Ukraine with quality imported components that are missing in our market, but both very necessary for production to order new products, and for the service of those who are operation and their replacement time has not yet come. It should be noted that the home production of technical and other means of rehabilitation in different periods of our development, largely depended on and, unfortunately, still depends on imports.

The first important step to reduce such dependence was the realization of "Parashar Industries" project of its own design and manufacturing of prosthetic lower limbs components. The Ukrainian manufacturer exhibited at OTWorld 2016, the International Trade Show and World Congress, in Leipzig (Germany) between 3 and 6 May 2016. Moreover, for twenty-five years of independence, Ukraine firstly introduced production of knee joint prostheses for the lower limbs and components by “Parashar Industries LLC”. Among the numbers of visitors at the exhibition not only home prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises, but also many world leaders in this field of production pay attention to Ukrainian stand of “Parashar Industries”. Ukrainian development ensures patient comfort, ease of use and security (lock prevents accidental opening). Samples are worthy alternative to some models made by reputable foreign leaders. One of the main wishes of the patients is achieved, i.e. weight reduction of knee joints and as a result the whole product. Functional capacity of products “COLIBRI” and “STARLING” knee joints produced by “Parashar Industries” meets the 1st and 2nd-3rd degree of mobility.

Functional and technical featurs:



1. Modular lightweight monocentric knee joint with lock.

2. For transfemoral prostheses, especially suitable for geriatric patients.

3. Lock with automatic play adjustment secures the knee in extension.


Name Flexion angle Activity level Material Weight (g) Weight limit (kg)
Colibri P 130 К 1 aluminum alloy (duralumin) 232 125




This 4-axial modular knee joint is recommended for transfemoral prosthesis.

1. Polycentric knee with geometric locking system.

2. Adjustable axle geometry.

3. Adjustable extension promoter.

4. Integrated extension spring.

5. Adjustable axle friction.

6. Ultra light materials.

7. Original, aesthetic design.


Name Flexion angle Activity level Material Weight (g) Weight limit (kg)
Starling 160 К 2-3 aluminum alloy (duralumin) 460 125

The developer, the company “Parashar Industries” is not going to stop and is producing new revolutionary ideas to improve the full quality life of people with disabilities and not allow these people to accommodate to life with limited opportunities. We wish our potential patients could afford the life without limits.

Confirmation of this is the project of the new knee joint under the brand name “FALCON” which was presented at press conference. This single axis modular knee joint with a hydraulic cylinder ensures smooth and safe walking. It works in different modes: swing phase control adjustment and stance control, walking, cycling and workout at the gym. The maximum (according to Technical Means) flexion angle is 125°, which facilitates movement on uneven terrain, stairs, while kneeling and making other functional movements with prosthesis. Thanks to the design of ultra-light and tough materials this knee joint is considered to be the lightest in the world in its class mobility. Nowadays, men from Anti-terroristic operations evaluate the product as clinical trials and the “STB” Channel was lucky to shoot the first steps made with knee joint “FALCON”.




Name Flexion angle Activity level Material Weight (g) Weight limit (kg)
Falcon 125 К 3-4 aluminum alloy (duralumin) 980 125


Introduction to production above mentioned products are the first steps in the field of home production of components for prosthetic and orthopedic products, and this will mean that the main aim is reached. We hope for fruitful cooperation with all relevant subjects and executive authorities, which are designed to provide services to people with disabilities properly. We invite everyone to work together to achieve goals.

After entering the domestic prosthetic and orthopedic services market, investing in its development, Mr. Parashar has been always looking for optimization of production and services to ensure people with disabilities and other technical means of rehabilitation. So, after ten years of hesitation and planning, Mr. Parashar realized the noble business by introducing to patients complete cycle of prosthetics, from the production of components for the manufacture of orthopedic products, and providing medical support and service for the entire period of operation of technical means of rehabilitation. As a result, a group of companies works today together, each with their functions, and they provide the above mentioned approach to improve the care of people with disabilities. And that's hopefully not the last goals, tasks, projects, inventions because there are no limits for perfection.